TAMILWORLD.EU is one directory with all the listings for the Tamil Community. The platform aims to bring the Tamil community together.

TAMILWORLD.EU serves the Tamil Community through collating and sharing information on Tamil service providers. Our Tamil directory allows you to find the services or products you are looking for. You can find Tamil supermarkets for your everyday groceries, get catering services, or find venue decorators who will help you get what you need. The service providers in the Tamil directory have a reputation for quality services, they are the kind that probably helped your auntie sweep her visitors off their feet.

Our ultimate objective is to create a platform where service providers can be independently contacted by their customers. A platform where it is easy for both the service providers as well as service seekers to meet.

With the TAMILWORLD.EU directory, you do not have to rely on others (your great great cousin’s uncle’s wife to share the contact details from this very crafty jeweller whom she bought a vadivane bracelet from) to get what you need, all that is required is to visit our platform and get not only the products that you need but also where you can source them at affordable prices.

We encourage all our users to leave a review when they have used our services as well as benefited from the different service providers listed on the platform. Such reviews come in handy when people are looking for reputable service providers. It will be easier for customers to make a decision, given that the information that is meant to help them towards this cause is readily available on the site. Reviews will help someone learn about the shopping experience even before they have committed themselves. To the service providers, reviews are a great marketing tool. The service seekers who have used your services will tell others about their experience with you. If they were happy, they will give positive reviews helping you market your business farther and wider.

Service providers have an opportunity to promote their businesses, activities and service, they can advertise their service free of charge on our website. TAMILWORLD.EU is dedicated to helping service seekers get what they need and the service providers promote their products and services. With carefully selected and organized information, you are sure to find all that you need at one stop shop. If you do not find what you need kindly contact us and we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

So, yes we hope it will aid in avoiding awkward manastavam and essentially allow you to confidently step into whatever venture you have in mind!

“Don’t forget, we are a free service, happy to serve and bring our Tamil community together at our one-stop site.”