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SC Royal Bern was founded in 1990 as one of the first Tamil football teams in Switzerland.

Already in the early years the team belonged to the best in our country. In 1992 we managed to get the most important title in Switzerland with the Maveerar Cup victory. Four years later we were able to achieve another great success by winning the first Kiddu Cup.
In the following few years Royal was able to record further tournament wins, but the victory in the Maveerar Cup was out. In 2001, we defended the previous year’s title at the Kiddu Cup and also celebrated the second Maveerar Cup triumph.
In the same year, the Tamil Eelam Cup (then the European Cup) took place in Switzerland for the first time. A top-class tournament with selection teams from all over Europe including Canada. Despite good performance was in the quarterfinals against the eventual winner Canada final.
The breakthrough to one of the best teams in Europe but we succeeded a year later. Royal left all competition behind and triumphed at the second Tamil Eelam Cup. After we were able to defend the tournament victory the following year, 2004 we managed the hat-trick.

The year 2004 was one of the most successful years in the history of the club. Just a few months before, our team won the Maveerar Cup. Thus, Royal managed to get the double for the first time. In addition, our team drove for the first time to the tournaments, which took place outside of Switzerland. With the successes in Oslo (NOR) and Stuttgart (GER) we already decided on the tournaments for the first two participations abroad. The important tournaments in Switzerland, as well as others abroad, have also been won a few more times over the last few years (see Achievements).

Our young team, with a mean age of 22 years, is not only admired by many for beautiful football and fast style of play, but we are also regarded as a very fair team across Europe and have won the Fair Play Cup several times overseas.

In the foreground is not only the victory, but it is also important for us to enjoy football. That’s why fun and discipline are very important to us!

  • Person Suji Kandiah
  • Address Bern

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