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Tamil Eelam Göttingen is a 2nd family!

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In June 2012, the first football club for Tamil youth in Göttingen was founded under the name “Tamil Eelam Göttingen”.

The reason for this was the growing interest of boys between the ages of 13 and 17, who regularly met for kicking on the football pitch. 4 young people saw the potential in adolescents, took the initiative and founded the association under the name Tamil Eelam Göttingen.
The euphoria was great and soon 13 talented young players came together.
To achieve a certain stability followed plans such as: Jerseys, footballs, track suits, camisoles, hats, regular athletic participation

Our first step towards the realization of the association was a gathering with the adults from Göttingen. At which the planning and presentation of the association was presented.

In addition to sporting activities, a major focus is also on the social component. It also teaches players the importance of discipline, respect and team spirit.
The positive response is clearly to watch the successes of the players. Thus, TE Göttingen took third place in the Weststadt Cup 2 and Tamilar Vilayadhuvila in Dortmund.

This success is dedicated to the coach, the team and the supporters.

Each individual player has developed his own relationship with the team over the period, but one unites them all and that is Tamil Eelam.
This team gives young people the opportunity to represent their country. It is also clear to see the pride and joy in the eyes of the parents watching their children “kick” for a nation without being politically repressed or persecuted.

Tamil Eelam Göttingen is more than just a football team, it is the foundation stone for a society where parents and children together cheer, cheer and comfort each other. It is a stop for the families who have suffered a lot in the past due to the civil war in Sri Lanka and are now looking for a new beginning.

Tamil Eelam Göttingen is a 2nd family!

We would like to thank “Madras Vanakkam” and “India House” for the printing of the jerseys and tracksuits and a special thank you to the respective parents for the generous financial support.

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